Business Model Innovation Workshops

The Business Model Innovation Workshops follow the structure of the book Value Proposition Design: Canvas, Design, Test and Evolve. It is about applying Tools (Canvases) to the search for value propositions that customers want. 

It shows you how to use these Tools to Design and Test great value propositions in an iterative search for what customers want and how to imbed in an existing or new business model.

Workshop Setting

Workshops are an important part of business model & value proposition design. Great workshops can make a big difference in the design & test process and lead to better results. We will create the perfect workshop setting for the participants in the right environment. For breakthrough results we prefer an external, inspiring venue with sufficient space to be creative. Each workshop is a full day (9 to 5) of training.

Workshop 1: Understand the Canvas

Understanding the tools: Business Model Canvas & Value Proposition Canvas. The first one helps you to create value for your business, the second one helps you to create value for your customers. Together, with the Environment Map, that helps you understand the context in which you create, they shape the foundation of the Strategyzer methodology.

– Introduction to the Business Model Canvas (BMC)
– Understanding Customers: Jobs to be Done
– Introduction to the Value Proposition Canvas (VPC)

Participants will have hands-on experience with the Strategyzer tools & methodology

Workshop 2: Learn How to Design

Design is the activity of turning your ideas into new value proposition prototypes. It is a continuous cycle of prototyping, researching customers and reshaping your ideas. Design may start with prototyping or with customer discovery.

– Define starting points and iterate ideas
– Prototyping possibilities and making choices
– Pitching & assess new business models & value propositions

Participants learned how to design great value propositions and new business models

Workshop 3: Prepare for Testing

Prepare to test all aspects of your Value Proposition and Business Model Canvas with quick experiments to learn and systematically reduce uncertainty. Then increase spending on experiments, prototypes and pilots with growing certainty.

– Testing process, including lean start-up principles
– How to conduct tests, by using the Experiment Library
– Selection of tests and developing a testing roadmap

Participants come away with a better understanding of testing process

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