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Innovation Workshops 

How to Design, Test & Manage Business Models That Work & Value Propositions That Sell.

Workshop #1
Business Model Canvas

Explore the Business Model Canvas. Craft your own Business Model Story. Compete on Business Model Level and Shift to New Business Models. 

Workshop #2
Value Proposition Canvas

Explore the Value Proposition Canvas. Understand your Customers. Learn about their Jobs to be Done. Create Products and Services your Customers want.

Workshop #3
Business Design Thinking

Apply Design Thinking to your Business Model. Generate Business Ideas. Prototype superior Business Models. Assess the competitiveness of your new Business Models (SWOT).

Workshop #4
Testing Business Ideas

Prepare to test all aspects of your Value Proposition and Business Model Canvas with quick experiments, to learn and systematically reduce risk and uncertainty.

Workshop #5
Building Invincible Companies

Learn how to build an Invincible Company by managing a portfolio of existing businesses and simultaneously exploring a pipeline of potential new growth engines.

Workshop #6
High Impact Tools for Teams

Make every Innovation Project a success. Create alignment, build trust and get results fast between the leadership and members of your Innovation Teams.

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