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Value Proposition Workshop 

Explore the Value Proposition Canvas. Understand your Customers. Learn about their Jobs to be Done. Create Products and Services your Customers want. 

Do you want to learn how to create
products and services your customers will love?

The Value Proposition Canvas is a powerful innovation tool for understanding what drives customer value, identifying new opportunities, and prioritizing product development. It's an interactive workshop that can help you better understand your customers and their jobs to be done. 

So that you can start creating products and services your customers are dying to buy!

You'll leave with an understanding of why the Jobs-to-be-Done framework is crucial for any organization looking to innovate or grow. You'll also know how to use the Value Proposition Canvas as a strategic planning tool to identify new opportunities and create innovative solutions that meet customer needs. And best of all, it only takes one day!

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years, this workshop will give you the tools to grow your company by understanding what customers need and delivering on those needs with creative solutions. It's great for entrepreneurs, innovators, and product managers alike.

Sign up now for this one-day workshop on the Value Proposition Canvas. You won't regret it!

Workshop Overview

What you will do at the Value Proposition Workshop

Part 1: Get to Know the Value Proposition Canvas

Start by defining your target customer segment.
The Value Proposition Canvas focuses on two key components of the Business Model Canvas: your value proposition and your customer segment.

Before diving into your Value Proposition, you must first analyze your customer segment. What is your target market? What is the addressable size of that market? What market share do you want to obtain? Who are your actual customers?

You will investigate their personas and create their so-called customer journey. You will need to make a deliberate decision about which customer segment(s) you wish to target.

Part 2: Explore your Customer Profile - Understand Your Customer

Step into your Customers’ Shoes!
Following the selection of your customer segment(s), you must define the right side of the Value Proposition Canvas: the Customer Profile. 

You will be introduced to the notion of Jobs to be Done. And the significance of creating outstanding value propositions that customers want. 

You will create a map of your customer’s jobs, pains and gains. You will lear out about various job types as well as how to identify high-value jobs.

You will learn simple ways for gaining customer insights, as well as how to conduct customer discovery interviews, by asking the appropriate interview questions and identifying patterns in customer research.

Part 3: Explore your Value Proposition - Create Value for Your Customer

The heart of Your Business Model is your Value Proposition.
Great value propositions focus on the jobs, pains, and gains that are most important to your customer segments.

They represent the bundle of products and services that add value to your customer’s life by alleviating severe pains and archiving desired gains. 

You will discover six strategies to innovate from your customer jobs and how to assess your value proposition by comparing it against the ten characteristics of outstanding value propositions.

Finally, you will develop a concise value proposition statement to pitch to your customers.

Part 4: Check the Fit between Customer Profile & Value Proposition

Value Proposition Design is all about finding the right fit!
So far, you’ve created your Customer Profile and your Value Proposition.

The next step is to see how well the two fit together. Are you focusing on essential customer gains? Are you addressing severe customer pains? 

You’ll learn about the three levels of fit and how to switch between your Business Model and Value Proposition.

You will also brainstorm ideas to improve your fit and learn about the multiple fits that may exist inside your Business Model.

Learning Outcomes

What you will learn at the Value Proposition Workshop

How to turn your idea for a new service or product into reality without burning money or wasting time

How to select the right customer segment and understand size and share of your market

How to understand your customer, by mapping out their personas and customer journey

How to setup and conduct proper interviews with your customers, by asking the appropriate questions

How to use the six strategies to innovate your business ideas from your customer jobs, pains and gains

How to evaluate your value proposition, by checking off against ten characteristics of outstanding value propositions

How to pitch your business idea to your customers with a clear value proposition statement

How to brainstorm ideas to improve your fit and discover multiple fits within your business model

How to proceed from early problem solution fit, all the way to the conclusive business model fit

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Building something that no one wants is the biggest reason of business failure.

We all know that the best way to build a successful company is by solving your customer's problems. But how do you find out what those problems are?

Most companies focus on the features and benefits, but these don't give you any insight into your customers' jobs they want to get done.

And even if you did understand their jobs, it can be hard for you as a business owner to prioritize which features will provide the most value for your customers.

The Value Proposition Canvas is an easy method for understanding your customers' needs and turning them into products and services that solve their problems at a profit.

This one-day workshop will help you use this practical framework during idea generation or when looking to pivot to grow your business faster than ever before!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this workshop made for?

Leadership, professionals, and anyone who wants to get acquainted with the Business Model Canvas.

What is the result of the workshop?

After the workshop, you have the tools, knowledge & skills to use the business model canvas in your company.

What prior knowledge do you need?

Participants must have strong knowledge of the Business Model Canvas. It is advised to participate in our Business Model Workshop first!

What is the sequel to this workshop?

A good sequel to this workshop is the two-day workshop Business Design and Testing.  

Who is the trainer for this workshop?

The workshop is given by Ton van der Linden, an experienced Strategyzer Innovation Coach.

When does this workshop take place?

You decide when the workshop is given. Of course always in consultation. Note that there’s a limited availability.

Where does this workshop take place?

You decide where the workshop will be held. Close to home. You do not have to travel far. External location is recommended.

What is the format of the workshop?

This workshop will be customised for your company, and takes place either online or on-site.

How long does this workshop take?

This workshop takes one full day to complete. Normally we start at 9:30 and end at 16:30. But we will agree on that together.

What does this workshop cost?

The starting price for the workshop is €2.997 (excl. VAT) for up to 6 participants.

What does an extra participant cost?

The price for the workshop includes up to 6 participants. Add additional participants at €500 (excl. VAT) per participant.

What is included in the price of the workshop?

You’ll get a copy of the book Business Model Generation (1x). All materials needed for the workshop, including the Business Model Canvas in poster format. Travel and accommodation costs are also included.

What is not included in the workshop price?

VAT. All prices listed are exclusive of 21% VAT, the rental of the location and the costs for catering.

What is the minimum group size?

The workshop has no minimum number of participants. It’s possible to start with just 1 participant. But that is more of an exception. Average group size is between 6-12 participants.

What is the maximum group size?

The workshop has no maximum number of participants. From 12 participants upwards it is probably better to split the group.

What is the ideal group size?

The ideal group size is between 6-12 participants. Less is possible. More is also possible.

What makes this workshop unique?

The workshop is given by Ton van der Linden, an experienced Strategyzer Innovation Coach. Strategyzer is founded by Alex Osterwalder, the inventor of the Business Model Canvas and author of Business Model Generation

What is the difference between a workshop and a training?

Training is about imparting knowledge and is little or no hands-on. A workshop, on the other hand, is about sharing knowledge, as well as experiences and skills and is highly hands-on, engaging and interactive. This makes the learning effect much higher. That’s why we prefer a workshop!

About Ton van der Linden

My mission is to help entrepreneurs build better businesses by sharing knowledge about strategic management tools, such as business model innovation and value proposition design.

I’m a well educated expert, excellent trainer, coach & facilitator and an experienced entrepreneur myself.

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