About Ton.

My mission is to help entrepreneurs build better businesses by sharing knowledge about strategic management tools, such as business model innovation and value proposition design.

I’m a well educated expert, excellent trainer, coach & facilitator and an experienced entrepreneur myself.

Worried about the future?

I focus on entrepreneurs, directors and managers from startups to large enterprises, who are worried about the future of their company (turnover, profit, growth, survival) because there is no clear strategy.

I help these entrepreneurs chart their business model, then change, improve and innovate. The result is better insight, a clear strategy and more confidence in the future.

Expert, with experience

For that, you need knowledge. I am an expert in business model innovation and value proposition design and as one of the few (worldwide) personally tutored by Alex Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur (creators of the Business Model Canvas).

In the past years I have led many business model workshops. For all kinds of customers, clients of Strategyzer included! This is also where another important expertise comes into play: the expertise of being a trainer and a coach.

Trained as a trainer

Unfortunately, every expert is not automatically a good trainer or coach. This is a pitfall for many experts. I was lucky that I was also trained for being a trainer and a coach.

The Galan School for Training has taught me to set up effective workshops, Duarte Design in Sunnyvale, how important storytelling is (also for training) and with NLP I have learned how to coach others better.

By the way, I am also certified by the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) as a trainer/coach. Useful for working with innovation teams ????

Facilitator, who leads your workshop

A great trainer / coach facilitates the workshop. That starts with a good preparation. With the determination of date, time and location. The composition of the team and the alignment of expectations.

A facilitator leads the workshop, gives space for discussion and directs decisions. A facilitator keeps an eye on time and records the most important ideas and decisions.

The better the facilitator, the better the results of the workshop.

Entrepreneurship is a prerequisite

Clearly. Expertise is a precondition, training & coaching is a real profession (not to under estimate) and facilitating is important for final result. Suppose you find someone with these qualities.

Something is still missing: Entrepreneurship!

How else can you help entrepreneurs, business owners and managers?

After 25 years of experience in various key positions (sales, consultancy, marketing, business development and of course as a trainer/coach), I became an entrepreneur myself.

Starting off with trial and error, but ultimately very successful.

So I know what it is to be an entrepreneur.

That’s is prerequisite for working as a strategy & innovation consultant.

Developing new growth models

The many lessons I have learned within the business community, as an entrepreneur and as a facilitator of many business model workshops, I will bring along when mapping your business model and searching for new growth models.

How about a
Business Model Workshop?

Identify you Business Model clearly in just one day with the Business Model Workshop. That’s the starting point to improve your business model, to look for new growth models and attractive revenue models. In short, to set out your strategy for the coming years. Do you want to work on the future of your company? Push the Button!

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